Yearly Calendar

SoCal – Texas A&M Club Yearly Calendar at a Glance

Have you ever wondering what’s coming up on events later in the year? Each year we have many events that are regulars on our calendar; while others are new. Below is a glance at our typical calendar scheduling for a year. Please keep in mind this list will reflect typical planning from previous years but has no bearing on the scheduling and availability of actual events in the future. For a listing of current planned and expected events please check our facebook page.

January, February, & March
A&M Football Bowl Game Watching
A&M Basketball Game Watching


April, May, June
A&M Basketball Tournament Game Watching


July, August, September
Baseball Games
Beach Bonfire BBQ
Crawfish Boil
A&M Football Game Watchings Begin


October, November, December
A&M Football Game Watchings